Practice makes you perfect in tennis
How many hours are needed regularly in the UAE tennis academy to become better?
Various sports help players to get better in physical form. Facilities found within the UAE tennis academy help them in a much better way through coaches.
The best thing about UAE tennis academy is that they offer amazing programs all aim to help players become better.

Although to become better in tennis, one needs to give some hours on regular basis in a particular program that they have enrolled into.

We will provide you with a routine understanding of how many hours are needed regularly for people enrolled in any UAE tennis academy to get better.

Junior programs

Tennis programs are aimed at children so that they can learn about tennis and have fun with other students within the UAE tennis academy.

Junior programs are usually divided into various programs differentiated through the age group of the children.

We have listed some of these programs based on the age and will explain the recommended hours followed by the kids in general.

Baby tennis

Foundation tennis programs which are aimed towards kids age that starts of from 3 yeas until 5 is usually coming within baby tennis program.

In this program, the kids have fun with the coaches while the coaches make sure that recreational activities for kids are provided.

They just get to have fun for around 30-40 minutes every day as it helps kids to get into the grove of playing tennis within the UAE tennis academy.

Mini tennis

Kids of age 5-7 years old are more or less more active and can engage in some physical activity.

Although the main purpose of these programs is still to have kids get a great time playing tennis with other kids enrolled in the UAE tennis academy that comes under their age bracket.

They put around 1 hour into the practice of tennis daily which makes their motor skills more prominent.

Initiation years

When a kid gets to the age of 7-10, it's time to give them a more taste of actual tennis sports. Although it still comes under the foundation programs, kids get a chance to play with different tennis balls, namely Red, Orange, and Green.

With the help of coaches, kids get all the necessary technical training needed to ensure that they can play tennis more effectively.

Within UAE tennis academy, kids of age 10 years would play 1 hour daily and it will not only help them to get more physically charged up but also ensures to have a better understanding about the sports itself.

Future stars

Kids between the age of 11-13 are ready to play a few competitive sports within the premises of the UAE tennis academy.

These sports are played either among players of the same academy or inter academy matches. The training schedule for competitive players increases as coaches need more time to help players get much better.

A rough amount of 1-2 hours is required daily, especially if the competition is just around the corner.

Adult programs

Besides providing lessons for kids, the UAE tennis academy also offers programs for adults who just want to enjoy playing tennis for fun.

We have listed some of the common adult programs which can be found at any reputable UAE tennis academy.

Private lessons

As the name suggests, the private lessons are not a program with scheduled subjects rather it offers you a chance to learn tennis one-on-one with the coach.

The coach will ensure that players get the most out of the lesson as they will work together to fix the elements that need fixing privately.

This lesson usually takes 40-45 minutes and it's enough time for the player to understand its flaws which they can fix through individual practice.

Semi-private lessons

When you are looking to learn about tennis but in a circumstance where not only you but 2-3 people are also learning with you.

Such programs in the world of tennis are known as semi-private lessons. Almost every UAE tennis academy offers this program to people. Based on the time of the lessons, which is around 50 minutes, players can get an understanding of the sports.

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