Types of events held within tennis academy
Which events you can participate in through applying to the tennis academy in Dubai?
There are plenty of tennis events which are the best place to test out the tennis academy teaching and how well prepared players are.
We find it quite important to mention various domestic competitions and tours which can go through the tennis academy.

This list includes all the major domestic tennis competitions held in UAE, which can be participated through enrolling in the tennis academy.

UAE National Day Singles

UAE National Day Singles are held each year in Dubai by the 360 Tennis Club. Players either from the tennis academy or individuals can participate in this event.

It is played over a hard court which comes under Men Pro Circuit. There's $3000 prize money for the winner of the singles tournament.

Usually, esteemed guests paid a visit to the venue to celebrate the UAE National Day with zeal, and festive, while enjoying the tennis sports among a diverse audience.

Al Habtoor Tennis Cup

Al Habtoor Tennis Cup is regarded as a top-tier tennis event in UAE. Only players registered with Tennis Emirates and TEPIN holders can participate.

the tennis academy which focuses on tennis teaching can employ professional coaches that train players with all the necessary skills to excel in this tournament.

Al Habtoor Tennis Cup is categorized into preliminary rounds and final rounds which go on for around 7 days.

Tennis 360

In UAE, Tennis 360 is well known for organizing mixed double tournaments for a while. Usually, the method for tennis 360 is that they partner players with players who are not accustomed to each other to make things interesting.

The main purpose to place Tennis 360 mixed double is to create an environment of fun, and competition as well as propel sportsmen to get ready for any type of competition in the world of sports, especially wild cart scenarios.

On the other hand, the tennis academy which focuses primarily on tennis teaching makes sure that the training offered by professionals is holistic so that players can make a proper last-minute decision that ensures that they win the matches effectively.

Wilson Future Pro Talent

Wilson Future Pro Talent is a Men's Pro Circuit in which they are subjected to play in a hard court set up for the prize money of $5000.

It has been organized by Future pro-Academy and ensures that through this tournament, they can attract top local players from various clubs or who are playing individually.

The tennis academy offers training including tennis teaching which makes them ready to face any form of tennis tournament and competition because of the up gradation of their skills.

Al-Habtoor Tournament

Al-Habtoor Tournament is the only female tennis event that focuses on high-class action within the grounds of UAE.

It is held annually and is considered an ITF Women's Circuit which helps the players to get closer to becoming a pro.

The Price money for Al Habtoor is around $100,000 and is being held since 1998 by Dubai Tennis Federation.

Dubai Police Championship

This competition is held in Dubai Police Officers Club and PUCA Academy to ensure that an environment of positive spirit initiative can be organized.

This is a tournament open for everyone and can be registered 10 days before the event. The main reason for this competition is to find good sportsmen in the world of tennis.

Dubai Police Championship has been held two times since its inception and is continued to follow because of its immense success.

The Academy Boys

For Under 14 and Under 16 players, The Academy Boys event is held over the hard court to promote the sports among the younger generation.

This tournament is the best event where upcoming sportsmen can test their skills in a high level of local competition as well as put their academies into the spotlight.

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