Types of tennis programs
What are different tennis programs aimed at kids?
Various tennis programs help kids improve their techniques as well as get properly introduced to the sports in the first.
There's no better time to learn a sport than at young age, and by a young age, we mean 5+. Although most parents might ask what type of training a kid of age 5 will do in any academy? This article will be your only guide to assist with tennis programs offered by academies that are aimed at kids.

Through this article, our readers will be much versed in understanding various types of tennis programs through which their kids can learn plenty about tennis sports.

Team practices

First and foremost, you need an extra set of eyes who is not only there to enjoy the sports but to help kids practice properly, that's called a couch.

For kids, you have young and energetic coaches, which can try to reach the level of excitement shown by a kid.

With a racket and a lightweight ball, kids will simply learn to play together in groups and have fun. The purpose of these types of tennis programs helps to improve social skills as well as to understand the natural inclination of kids in tennis sports as a whole.

Junior clinics

Kids enjoy any activity the most when they are playing together with their age ground. That's where junior clinics help.

These tennis programs will make sure that kids are learning in groups rather than for coaches to give complete attention to a single kid at a time.

Not only its fun to play with other same-level kids but also gets a lot of activity out of the lesson, and gets engaged in actual practice.

Private lessons

If a kid needs some extra coaching from their seniors, private lessons seem to be the right choice for it.

As the name suggests, private lessons will make sure that kids are completely focused on learning about tennis in the one-on-one learning experience.

For most people who want to gain all the rules and techniques needed to understand tennis sports quickly, private lessons are one of the tennis programs out there.

After school activity

Usually, Kids will not be available for tennis sports most of their day time. That's why the after-school activity is a program that makes tennis sounds like an extra activity that ensures that kids are gaining physical exercise along with their studies.

Those kids who are actively engaged in after-school activities are more social, more active, and have the overall mindset of achievers.

Leveling for kids

There are different tennis programs for different age groups. This is one of the best things about tennis academies in most of the region.

Let's go through some of the common tennis programs based on age group, which aim to help parents in enrolling their kids in the right tennis program.

4-5 years old

When a child begins to comprehend the world, his focus is considered highest than any age we will have. 

The tennis programs aimed at kids of age 4-5 years will focus on their eye-to-hand motor skills without any challenge. Most academies offer kid-to-parent classes as well as only-child classes to improve their confidence along the way.

5-8 years old

Age 5-8 is the age of having fun. Kids will start showing their natural play style during this age and with some brushing up, they will improve techniques such as footwork, stamina, and competitiveness.

8-10 years old

Kids of age 8-10 are introduced to large courts where they will give a taste of how real sports are played.

They will come a bit closer in more physical exercises and based on their level of aptitude the coaches will increase their limits one step at a time so that they can improve their techniques further.

11-13 years old

The tennis programs for aged 11-13 give them a taste of playing with a tennis ball so that they can be engaged in actual tennis sports like professional plays.

There are competitions aimed at 13+ kids at the regional level as well, so academies are the best place to help your kids to test themselves on competitive grounds.

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