Best tennis events
7 tennis events that you should attend at least once
There are various types of tennis events played each year. We have created this list that will showcase only the top ones for our readers and suggest visiting once in your lifetime.
Attending tennis events helps broaden the scope of upcoming players while giving a great deal of entertainment to sports lovers.

For all those tennis lovers looking for a world-class game, these 7 events are filled with action and drama since the giants can be found playing on the courts in the first place.

We would really encourage our readers to attend 7 of these tennis events at least once in their lifetime to experience true tennis matches the one you can't find anywhere else.


If there's a single most prestigious event you will feel quite honored to participate in, it's Wimbledon.

Dated back in 1877, Wimbledon is played at the all England club located outside London where you might spot a celebrity, royalty or if anything else, a dress code that is not found in any of the other tennis events.

Regarded as one of the Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is treated as the number one spot where true tennis legends are born.

US Open

One of the most colorful and vibrant courts you can enjoy some good old tennis matches, US Open dated as far as 1881 when the first singles were played on US soil.

It's a common place where you can meet your favorite athlete competing against the best in the sporting world.

Besides enjoying blood-pumping sporting events, you can also experience great food, music, colorful attires, and meet great people.

Australian Open

Australia is a place where the fun starts, it's one of the tennis events also called Happy Slam.

Players find themselves surrounded by the legends who exasperate true adrenaline-pumping action in the field.

Australian Open has truly kept the legacy of 114 years of history where the games are played by legends such as Novak Djokovic.

French Open

Regarded as one of the feared tournaments where even all-time legend like Roger Federer has won one tournament, you will see some true action within these lands.

The clay court seems to showcase the potential which usually is not found in other artificial grass or hard courts around the world.

Only Rafael Nadal is able to lead the ranking bracket by winning 13 tournaments since he is regarded as the king of clay.

Summer Olympics

If you want to represent your country by supporting your players who belong to the same country of origin, there are no better tennis events than the summer Olympics.

Starting back in 1988, the summer Olympics goes for 9 days straight with some fierce matches which will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Along with the tennis sports, you can also enjoy other summer games that are at their pinnacle by athletes all over the world.

The Davis Cup

It's regarded as the World cup of tennis, where as many as 39 countries are being represented by their top-level professional tennis player.

Before the United Kingdom won 10 times although most recently the United States won at least and break the 79 years of drought at last.

The audience is completely hooked up in supporting their country by waving their flags and not your usually polite audience that is found in other tennis events.

ATP Finals

Regarded as the 2nd highest tier in the world of tennis, the ATP finals is a showdown tournament of giants who face each other in different cities.

Within this sphere, you will be accustomed to experiencing top-level games, especially when winning the title is in the line.

Find how professionals are made and perform their skills in high-class tournament

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