Benefits of private tennis vs tennis clinic
What is the difference between a private tennis class and a tennis clinic?
Many people make mistakes when describing a tennis clinic, something like a medical center within a tennis academy. We would like to correct this notion one's and for all.
Many people when heard the word of a tennis clinic for the first time would have thought that it seems to be a medical center within tennis academy premises. Although in simple words its regarded as group tennis lessons.

In almost every tennis academy, you'll find lessons such as private tennis and tennis clinic. We would like to mention the difference between both of these classes and find out which one is better than the other.

What are private tennis lessons?

As the name suggests, private tennis lessons are simply treated as one-on-one lessons between a student and a coach.

Here you will be provided the undivided attention of the coaches and offered a comprehensive learning experience.

Although you won't have much opportunity to apply the concepts that you have learned within the private lessons into actual practice with the coach. That's where you have group lessons.

What is a tennis clinic?

When a coach teaches a group of students of around 4-6 in numbers, it is referred to as group lessons or tennis clinics.

You will be taught general concepts for tennis like you might have gone through in a school or regular classrooms.

In a tennis clinic, you will have many people of your same skill sets, who will be playing with each other, so it's a great place to practice what you learn in an instant.

Private lessons benefits

Our readers most naturally will be tilted towards a particular lesson when we mention various benefits that one can get by enrolling in it.

Private lessons clearly have an edge over any other type of lessons taught within the tennis academy, personalized learning with a coach.

You can ask your coach to put time into any particular skills that you want to get better. You can also improve your learning about the sports in less time, although when it comes to practicing it, private lessons won't be able to satisfy you much.

Tennis clinic benefits

On the other hand, we have group lessons, where a group of 6-8 students will be learning together from a single coach.

The coach will teach general subjects so that everyone can grasp things in a similar fashion. When it comes to actually apply the concepts in practice, you can do that together within the same lesson.

This is one of the biggest benefits of a tennis clinic since you can put a lot of time into practice, while in private lessons, there's ideal time more since you are looking at your coach teaching tennis concepts.

Private lessons disadvantages

With every advantage, it's only fair to mention the disadvantages as well to balance our argument.

With all the glory and pros of private lesson tennis, you might always keep hanging in and actually practicing what you learned from the coaches.

People usually like to practice while the concept is still fresh in their head, for that private lesson seems to lose its momentum.

Tennis clinic disadvantages

Group tennis with all its advantage has disadvantages as well. Since people are enrolled in the tennis academy to grasp concepts in the first place, through the tennis clinic, you won't be able to ask much with your coaches.

Usually, in a tennis clinic, the communication is mostly one way, from coach to students so all you can do is learn what you are being taught.

If there's some concept that you already know, it can't be skipped. Some say it's helpful to refresh the concept, while others say it's a waste of time.

Which one is better?

Now let's talk a bit about the crux of our topic, which is better between private tennis lessons and a tennis clinic.

Both have their own pros and cons, so no one can compete with one another through simple pros.

People can enroll in any particular course depending on their requirements. A freshy might find private tennis more appealing, while those who know basics before, simply want people to practice with, for them tennis clinic is the correct choice.

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