Types of best tennis rackets
6 best rackets used for tennis class in Dubai
Before enrolling yourself in a tennis class in Dubai, it's helpful to learn a bit about different tennis rackets and see which is most optimum for your taste and personality.
You definitely need to know about your rackets if you have decided to enroll in a tennis class in Dubai.

We have created this article to aid in your research and pinpoint some of the best brands you can get your hands on to start your tennis sports journey.

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19

Rated as one of the most lightweight, high-performance, and long-lasting rackets it is most of the time the number one choice of professional tennis players.

Talking about the technologies which make Babolat Pure Strike different from others the woofers offer additional power and less shock. The hybrid frame construction is quite flexible while its response feels is with complete precision.

Most people who adore Babolat to use for tennis class in Dubai prefer its maneuverability, groundstrokes, and better returns with less power needed.

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Another great tennis racket that is a good choice for tennis class in Dubai is Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP.

No one can beat its control as its frame makes the acceleration of the racket generate more power. The spot hitting through this racket is somewhat amazing for many people who are seasoned players.

Some of the players who have endorsed Head Graphene 360+ include Novak Djokovic, Fernando Verdasco, and Jannik Sinner.

Babolat Pure Aero 2019

Babolat Pure Aero is a racket of personal choice for clay court. When the name clay comes in, Rafael Nadal is automatically mentioned.

The main characteristic of Babolat Pure Aero is its ability to generate topspin. A balanced aerodynamics frame, head light balance, and easy swing help generate the triple of power into the ball.

Besides power, it's great to use for serves, control, maneuverability, and volleys. Endorsed by tennis giants like Rafael Nadal, Jennifer Brady, and Benoit Paire.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13

A generally new racket was introduced in 2020 although most people were patiently waiting for this one for some while back.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 offers amazing control because of its 97-inch head frame. It has the ability to offer all-out control for every court type.

Talking about the weight of the racket, 332 grams makes it quite lightweight with extremely hard strings connection so that groundstrokes become induced of high power. This racket is recommended by Roger Federer.

Yonex Ezone 98

For players who are enrolling themselves in tennis class in Dubai and looking for a balanced racket, there's no better one than Yonex Ezone 98.

It's quite natural when played on any court type by offering confidence to the player. The touch of hitting groundstrokes and volleying also adds amazing feedback to the player in the form of controlled vibration while helping to quickly reposition itself.

Babolat Pure

Babolat has made its top place in this list as well as top 6 too, by providing a version called Babolat Pure 2021 with better control.

Thanks to its carbon-fiber technology in its head, Babolat Pure is quite right and can sustain extreme power shots as well.

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