Best tennis players in UAE
10 tennis best players belonging to UAE
All of the pro tennis best players make it evident that they keep trying to appear in different competitions and do their best. Although some of them managed to lead big time.
Learning about tennis's best players offers a great deal of motivation to upcoming players and answers the question that if they can do it, why can't we?

For the same reason, we have listed the 10 tennis best players within the UAE ranking board, learning about which club they belong to and how are they able to reach such great heights.

Simon Roberts

Born in 1983, Simon Roberts originate from the United Kingdom. He plays both singles and doubles format, although have much succeeded in the singles.

Belonging to the Rackets Tennis training services club, Simon Roberts has lifted trophies more than 8 times in singles format while 1 time in double format.

Some of the tournament Simon Robert has made a name of himself includes Al Habtoor Tennis Cup, Tennis 360, Wilson Future Pro Talent Leg 3, and UAETF Men's Doubles Open.

Elias Anwar

One of the much younger contenders Elias Anwar at just 18 years of age has been able to set his position in the top 2 in UAE tennis best player's chart.

Although he hasn't won any tournament, he is able to get to the finals 2 times, semi-finals 2 times, and quarter times 3 times.

At such a young age, Elisa Anwar is able to move ahead towards the tournament tree of various championships including the Dubai Police Men's Championship, Al Habtoor Tennis Cup, Wilson Future Pro Talent Leg, and The Academy Boys. Elias Anwar originated from France.

Christophe Nickels

Originated from Luxembourg and belonging to Zayed Sports City, Christophe Nickels is a hard court professional and has been able to move to quite a high position through his inventive tennis skill.

This tennis best player has reached the final leg of the 2nd Dubai Police Men's Championship and 1st Dubai Police Men's Championship.

Omar Bahrouzyan

Omar Bohrouzyan was born in 1982 and is an Emirati who originated in UAE Tennis. During 2019 and 2020, Omar has managed to bag two big trophies from tournaments namely Racket Academy in 2019 and the 1st Dubai Police Men's Championship.

Cesar Ferrer Victoria

Spanish tennis best player belonging to Well Pro Tennis Training Services is the winner of the 2022 2nd Dubai Police Men's Championship.

At the age of 42, he has shown that age is just a number and you can achieve amazing things if you have a clear focus.

Gareth Wright

An individual tennis best player Gareth Wright has managed to perform in a lot of championships although bag UAE National Day's Men's Singles trophy in 2021.

Appeared in over 14 Singles and 2 Doubles matches, Gareth Wright really knows that when you keep your head focused and play your game, you can make a great name for yourself.

Ryan Viljoen

Ryan Viljoen is a seasoned tennis coach with over 8 years of experience originating from South Africa. Being one of the tennis best player in his game, Ryan Viljoen is representing his club Tennis 360 in every match.

Omar Ahmadi

Born in 2004, Omar Ahmadi at just of age 18 has played 13 Single matches and 2 Doubles, while didn't win any trophies. Single with an impressive point card, Omar Ahmadi is located in the top 10 of tennis best players with 4000 points. He is representing UAE Tennis.

Tucker Vorster

Tucker Vorster originated from South Africa and plays tournaments as an individual. He is able to win Tennis 360 Men's Double championship in 2021 and reached the final of UAE national Day men's Single.

Abdulrahman Al Janahi

Belonging from UAE Tennis and an Emirati by Birth, Abdulrahman Al Janahi has played 5 tournaments so far with quite amazing points scored on the ranking charts of 3500. 

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