Open Dubai academies in Dubai
Tips to find authentic Dubai open tennis academy
It's quite important to understand about various facilities offered by a specific open tennis academy. We have listed the crucial ones in our article.
Are you in the search of finding recommended open tennis academy in Dubai? This article will further assist you in pinpointing the top-class academy that not only have all the right facilities but have the necessary staff to assist you every step of the way.
Focus on a good foundation

First and foremost, an open tennis academy must have coaches with a good foundation in the tennis sport.

It can only be possible if they have gone through the basics and to the top through their first-hand experience.

The coaches will give easy-to-follow steps which are an amalgamation of years of playing the sports and understanding the crux of the subject.

Proper licensing of their coaches

Coaches might be experienced and knows good fundamentals, but the world won't recognize them until they have proper literature. Meaning their licensing.

The licensing for Dubai open tennis academy should have licenses from UAE Tennis Federation, ITF license and ATF recognized C-License which can be attained through Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA).

Good teaching ability

An open tennis academy is all about teachers and how they convey the proper skill set to their students.

Good teaching ability goes a long way as the coaches ensure that every kid understands the subject whether the style needs to be fine-tuned per kid's needs.

Another element of an open tennis academy is that they offer tennis programs for kids of various age groups to adults over 50+ age. 

Dynamic coaches which understand the proper execution of teaching methodologies are something to look out for.

Expect result soon

If you have enrolled yourself or your kid in an open tennis academy, you must expect some positive results soon.

We are talking about days to a week's time. The progress will be quite noticeable after involving the coaches of the tennis sport. 

World-class playing standard

Let's talk something about what facilities you should look out for in an open tennis academy. First of all, there should be a standard maintained, as per provided by a tennis governing body.

The must-have features in an open tennis academy are a tennis court, equipment, rooms, and other gadgets to assist coaches in training their pupils. 

Simply checking the tennis court condition will give you a lot of understanding about the class maintained by a particular open tennis academy

Experience helps

Coaches with years of experience will surely be better at teaching their students when compared to coaches with fewer years of experience.

Hence it's helpful to view the credentials of coaches who are assigned to train your kid about tennis sports and how experienced they are in the sports.

Expert knowledge

While playing sports over time, the coaches can better convey the skill set to their students.

Although some are basic knowledge, others are more advanced versions, something you can only expect from a coach of high caliber.


Personality is very much important for staff and coaches in a good open tennis academy. A good personality will be adopted by your kids, mostly those who are something of a go-getter and have a proactive mindset.

On another hand, not having a positive personality will surely affect a negative way towards the pupil no matter how well-tuned a particular coach is in the tennis subject.


Facilities in an open tennis academy either make or break the institution. The court is the number one requirement for an open tennis academy.

Other facilities are equipment, classrooms, changing rooms, shower rooms, pools, cafeteria, and other facilities one expects from a sport complex.

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