Lesson Types:

Private classes
Kids sharpen their tennis skills and harvest the benefits of one-on-one training with PRO Tennis Academy's resident coaches.
Kids work in tandem through personalized drills and games as they learn with a friend or classmate of a similar skill level.

Semi-private classes
Group Classes
Kids learn the ropes in groups with fellow budding tennis champions of the same age.
We have implemented new safety standards so kids can enjoy the game we love while you are having peace of mind.
Face masks (not including bandanas) must be worn at all times by kids and adults. Markers will be placed at drop off to enforce proper social distancing.
Players are required to bring their own racquets, full water bottle, snacks, and other gear needed.
Designated hand sanitizing stations for before and after getting on the court.

Contactless check-in includes non-contact thermometers to check players' temperature and answering a short questionnaire.
Our Venues:
Refund Policy:
No refund will be applied once booked. With respect to medical issues that may arise, please email us with medical documentation or a doctors note, we will work with you to switch to a later session.
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