International academy's facilities
What facilities to look for in the international tennis academy in Dubai?
With the help of identifying facilities available, we can see which academy can be called as international tennis academy. This article will explain in detail.
All those people who want to improve their tennis skills need something short of an international tennis academy to get enrolled in.

Although many tennis academies in Dubai follow international standards.

We have created this article to assist our readers by checking out their facilities which is the only variable that helps people to identify whether it's the international tennis academy that you are looking for.

Tennis playing Surfaces

A tennis academy won't be called a tennis academy in the first place if it hasn't got a playing surface. When we say the playing surfaces, we are referring to the courts.

For our readers, there are only four types of tennis courts and out of these four, any court will suffice to come under the international tennis academy category.

Grass court and Clay court are the most common ones. Then there's the hardcourt and lastly artificial court. Every court has its good and bad, but from a learning perspective, any court will suit your needs.

Pro shop

Every international tennis academy has its pro shop, which carries the academy logo equipment and merchandise.

Since students are usually the ones to enroll in the academy, they might need proper gear from time to time, so the pro shop will handle their needs.

Although some tennis academies ask their students to buy the equipment from a specific shop outside the tennis premises which is also fine.

Strength and conditioning rooms

Every sport has strength rooms that help you to keep in shape and give you time for extra cardio exercise.

Whether it's called gyms or a courtroom that housed acrobatic equipment, all of these come under strength and conditioning rooms.

Based on your requirements and your coach's advice, you will be engaged in these rooms to improve your overall strength for tennis sports.


When we are talking about a true international tennis academy, there should be some dormitories for students who are given full time to learn the sports.

Either that or the academy rents out rooms outside their premises for students who are special and looking to learn the sport most effectively.

In Dubai, most of the tennis academies work as an after-school extracurricular activity, so its no need to have a room facility in this case.

Extended campus facilities

Some of the international tennis academies are built around an exotic location which is an awe factor as well. Such as scenic views of the location, mountains, and other beautiful regional attributes.

Although it's not something people would find in most of the tennis academies in Dubai, this is surely the most positive facility one can find to make their mind at ease.

Swimming pool

Talking about extra facilities that one can find within the international tennis academy, the swimming pool tops the list.

Various sports centers offer these facilities, although some which are specific a tennis academy might not have this facility within their premises.

It's good to have a swimming feature as it helps athletes to improve their stamina and increase their strength for the tennis game.

Bar & Restaurant

People need to eat, whether they can bring their lunch or get from a restaurant which is located within the academy.

Various tennis academies have this facility while there are others which doesn't. This is also something that is treated as an advanced facility to have.

Running track

The entire sport of tennis is an athletic one and requires players to have a high level of physical fitness.

To improve your stamina and agility, there is no better facility than a running track. The track should be of international standard so that players can run and calculate how many meters they have run.

This facility can also be substituted through exercise machines such as trend mills and exercise cycles.

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