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What steps are needed for an amateur to become ITF approved in Dubai tennis sports?
There's quite a simple way to become ITF approved Dubai tennis player, although we need to learn every aspect of it. This article explains in detail to people interested in gaining ITF approval.
For players who are looking to pursue professional Dubai tennis sports, they should need to get ITF approved.

This article will give you a comprehensive outlook on how to become an ITF-approved in Dubai tennis sport.

Need to require IPIN membership

To get ITF-approved Dubai tennis players, you need to require an IPIN membership. It is a number offered through's online website.

Once you have the number and registered yourself, you will view numerous events within the dashboard.

Once that happens, you become eligible in applying for those events and play real official matches. For ITF-approved players, it's vital to earn points through competition to get more professional among other tennis players.

Need to be within the age limit

One needs to understand that there is not a lot of restriction applied to getting ITF registration. One can simply get ITF approved by submitting their application online.

Although there's one major limit and if it's not met, you can't get the IPIN number and that's the age limit.

The age limit to get IPIN should be around 13 years 11 months or in most cases, the player needs to be at the age of 14.

Need to pay a membership fee to get a valid IPIN 

To get the IPIN from the online portal, we need to pay a membership fee which is a compulsory fee and our request can't be processed until we pay the membership amount.

The cost for getting a pro ITF membership is $65. It can be paid through any major credit card.

Once you have paid the amount, it takes around 5 minutes to process your request and an automated email will arrive at your registered email which includes your IPIN number.

IPIN valid for 52 weeks

The ITF membership gets expired after 52 weeks, or around one year from the time, it has been registered.

The professional Dubai tennis players need to re-validate their expired IPIN number after 52 weeks so that they can remain a part of the professional tennis ecosystem.

Search for ITF World Tennis Tours through the registered portal

Players might be thinking about what to do after receiving their ITF registration through an online portal. The account will be created for users who have applied for pro ITF membership.

Through there, they can view all the events and other world tours in a calendar form which helps them to prepare for the sports accordingly.

Select your valid category for IPIN

When choosing the category during your account creation and getting the IPIN number to ensure that you are a part of evolving ITF-approved Dubai tennis player, make sure you select the correct category.

In short, there are 6 types of the category to select from, which includes Men, Women, Junior, Wheelchair, Senior, and Beach.

Depending on your selected category, you can view all the events that are registered under that particular category.

Make sure to participate in different matches to increase your point ranking

Once a Dubai tennis player gets ITP approval through online registration, they need to keep engaged with the sports by applying for different competitions and matches.

A registered player can view all the upcoming matches within the calendar inside their ITF tennis online portal.

The players need to earn ITF points by participating and winning the matches. These points will help you get noticed and open different opportunities at the top level of the sports.

Get funds from the government or sponsors

The life of a professional in Dubai tennis usually consists of practice and traveling. All the traveling cost is surely something which cannot be possible through proper funding.

In this regard, a tennis professional needs to have a government backing or a sponsor who is looking after the money end of the business, while the player can give their all to ensure that they remain at the top of their game.

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