Guide about tickets for Dubai Open Championships
How spectators can buy tickets for the Dubai open championships?
Buying tickets for Dubai open is quite straightforward. For that matter, we have created this article to assist our readers about how to buy them.
Dubai Open or Dubai Tennis Championship is a professional tennis championship that is held every year in Dubai.

This championship is organized and owned by Dubai Duty-Free and held on outdoor hardcourts.

This event is open to a regular audience, although some might have questions regarding buying its tickets. This article will provide you with much-needed details about where you can buy tickets and what are the sitting arrangements of the court for Dubai open.

Sitting arrangements

As this article is aimed at buying tickets for Dubai open championships, we should have more understanding about its sitting arrangement first.

The Dubai open is held in outdoor courts, so it's pretty much evident that a large sitting arrangement is organized.

Most people can occupy Grand Stand, which follows Prime B and then Prime A. VIP/Sponsor section is reserved for sponsors' correspondence and other VIP guests.

Grand Stand

Grand Stand tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. They occupy the most space for people who are looking to view Dubai open on live court.

The Grandstand is located at East and West Stands. There are around 13 rows in the first section and additional 8 rows in the topmost section.

The cost of the Grandstand section is subjected to the days of the event. For example, regular matches of Dubai open costs for Grand Stand around AED 55. For other major matches, it cost AED 210, AED 315, and AED 475 for Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals respectively.

Prime A

If you are looking to watch the match up close with your favorite stars, Prime A is the right sitting section for you.

You can get sitting in the first two rows at the West and East sections of the court. Prime A tickets are sold similarly to Grand Stand, which is a first come first serve basis.

The audience needs to first confirm their availability because they are sold the quickest, especially for men's week.

Prime B

At the North stand, around 9 rows are provided for people on a first-come and first-serve basis. The cost of Prime B is higher since it provides a better view of checking games as one sees on their TV sets.

The cost of Prime B starts with AED 105 and for special matches, it's around AED 315, AED 420, and AED 630 for quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.


The seats in this section are not for sale and reserved for VIPs and sponsors only. This seating section is located south of the court.

Although the setting is similar to Prime B, this section can occupy 9 rows of sitting for VIPs only.

Women Tennis Association (WTA) week

Women Tennis Association week is the week of Dubai open where women's matches are held. Considering the tickets, the available sections are Grandstand, Prime A, and Prime B.

All of these tickets can be bought on a first come first serve basis.

Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) week

ATP is more action-packed and in most cases the Prime A sitting arrangement is all occupied even before its being publicized.

Only Grand Stand and Prime B tickets are available for ATP week.

General ticket policy

There's some ticket policy one must learn before they buy a ticket for Dubai open championships.

As we have explained above, there are 3 sections where people can go and buy tickets for Dubai open. Grandstand, Prime A and Prime B. For Grand Stand, only 4 tickets per person in a day are allowed. For Prime A and Prime B, a maximum of 4 Seasons/super season per person is allowed.

Tickets are non-refundable once purchased and they should be shown on the day of the event. Mobile phones are not allowed on the court premises and children of age 3 and above must have a ticket.

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