Speaks: English, Urdu
Years on court: 20+
Location: Brighton College - Al Barsha

Sayantan Datta, or you all may know him as Coach Bob, has the passion for tennis right from his childhood. He has competed at various National tournaments in India and had a career high ranking of #44 in the U-18 category in India. After his professional stint as a player, he turned to coaching and has been certified by the ATP as a Level B International Coach. His only goal is to let everyone understand and learn the game of tennis with the simplest way possible.

"Knowledge is power" as we say it is the reason behind why Bob took up coaching.

"I want anyone irrespective of the level of playing to have the basic knowledge of the game of tennis. To make each player reach their maximum potential is my ulterior motive." says Bob

While during a session, when the player looks at their improvement eventually through their own eyes and gives him the thumbs-up is when it motivates him to keep pushing himself by helping them growing their game.
ITF Qualification ⭐
Health & Safety Officer Level 1
Child Safeguard Officer Level 1
Certified First Aid Trainer ⛑