Speaks ✅: French, English
Right-handed ✋
Years on court: 15+
Highest Ranking: #️⃣ 1000 ATP
While coach Welcome was learning how to play basketball, he developed a passion for tennis at the age of 12. He started playing at the Noah Country Club in Cameroon where he met the notable French tennis champion Yannick Noah, winner of Roland Garros in 1983.

Later on, coach Welcome worked for Yannick Noah Tennis Academy for almost 18 years in Cameroon. Apart from ITF level 1 coaching qualification, coach Welcome has done some courses in refereeing that enabled him to referee future ITF tournaments that give ATP points. The courses included: training with Éric Bagdé Referee Central Africa Tanga, Akim Judge Referees for ITF competitions, Franck Sabatier expert in Roland Garros tournaments and an ITF referee judge. He has taken several tennis trips in Africa and Europe and now he is very happy to come and share his professional experience in Dubai. He speaks French and English.
ITF Level 1 ⛵
Certified Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) ⭐
Child Safeguard Officer Level 1
Health and Safety Officer Level 1
Certified First Aid Trainer ⛑