How top class players think
What's common between world class tennis players?
Simply by observing professional class tennis players, we can understand what it takes to become one of the best in the ultimate sport.
Every tennis player who is either just beginning their journey through a tennis academy or already made their part as an amateur has some world class tennis player as their role model.

We would like to add something which is a sure thing for every tennis player to look forward to and ensure that the habits are adopted by everyone who is striving to become like their star players.

Hate loosing

Every number one tennis player never thinks about losing. In fact, they despise it. If you have a mindset of a winner, you will always think about winning.

Not during sports but in every walk of life make winning your target and work to strive for it with everything you got.


The world class tennis players are perfectionists as they will never stay put with their current state, and keep on fixing their errors.

Even if they win a match, they will learn from the errors that they made during their matches.

If they lost, they learn from it the most and strive to fix it before they appear in their next match. All of this mental attitude helps them to become some sort of a perfectionist.

Mentally tough

In the world of sports, if you have a strong physical body but not so strong mental attribute, you won't able to survive for long.

Having strong mental capabilities is vital to ensure that you can stay ahead in your game and face every type of challenge that comes your way. That's how top class tennis players do it.


The top class tennis players never settle in perfecting their natural game attributes. If they know to serve better naturally, they will give their all to improve their footwork.

If they have perfected the footwork, they will give extra time to improve their stamina. In short, a world class tennis player is multidimensional so they give a 10 out of 10 performance.

Play big in matches

Most of us usually see our beloved world class tennis players in competitive matches. During these matches we never find them lacking or showing any sign of weakness.

They remain steadfast and give their 110% to the game. It's all about the mindset to play big in matches and show how professional takes the games by turning up the level too much higher.


Top class tennis players are able to adopt many different functions and activities all in one. They are a powerhouse of physical and mental strength that makes an ordinary person become the best.

Being versatile ensures that they never seize to stop their learning. As they go higher into their skill set, more challenges come their way. They keep adapting and overcoming these challenges to stay at the top of their game.

Good body language

Body language is the amalgamation of physical and mental prowess. If you are completely focused, have a good physical outlook, and sighting for a win, it will automatically be shown through your body language.

You can never expect anything less from a world class tennis player but to have great body language during crucial matches.

Has battle spirit

Spirit in games must be shown which is undying. No matter how hard the situation becomes, losing hope never comes to the mind of a world class tennis player.

That takes a lot of focus and determination towards the goal since everyone is looking to improve their shortcomings and be at the top, one step at a time.

Knows their serves

This is specifically for world class tennis players that they know how to serve. Serving the ball in the most amazing manner will ensure that you know your game pretty well. This won't come to you without practice.

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