Best academies in Dubai & Sharjah
Top 9 best tennis academy for juniors in Dubai & Sharjah
Finding the right best tennis academy for juniors is a challenge for parents. If you are around Sharjah and Dubai, this list will help you greatly in searching academy for your kids.
Searching best tennis academy for juniors is nothing short of a challenge. Parents have to go through a lot of content available through their official website, or brochures.

If you either resides in Dubai or Sharjah, this list will suffice you completely as we have compiled only the best tennis academy for juniors that you can check.

Pro Tennis Academy

Pro Tennis Academy has it all if you are looking for something tennis. Whether it's courts, facilities, coaches, and a place to get socialize, Pro Tennis Academy offers you only the best.

As to answer the question of whether it's the right choice for your kids to enroll in this academy, they provide various programs aimed at your kids to have a great time.

Check out some great programs which are suited for your kid's needs, that includes kids program terms, holiday camps, kick start tennis programs, private lessons, semi-private lessons, and kids tournaments.

PUCA Pro Tennis

Kids must get only the best facilities that involve trained coaches, ITF-approved courts, and programs that aim to improve their skill sets.

PUCA Pro Tennis is one such tennis academy that has specified programs all lined up for kids aged 10 and under.

Some of their programs include mini red which is for 8 years and under, tennis orange for 8-9 age, and tennis green for kids who are progressing well from tennis orange.

Pro Sports UAE

As the name suggests, Pro Sports UAE offers a variety of extracurricular activities through sports. One of such is junior tennis.

Kids can really enjoy their time under professional coaches and fun activities. They have aligned their programs among beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Kids can have agility sports along with leg and hand coordination drills. By playing games and matches they will win prizes and enjoy among their fellow players in a great socializing event.

CF Tennis Academy

There are times when parents who are in search of the best tennis academy for juniors are facing issues while finding the right academy which is in terms of their kids' schedule.

CF Tennis Academy has various programs through which parents and guardians can choose the one which is most suitable for their kids.

Some of the programs offered by CF Tennis Academy include Junior Club Mornings, indoor mini-tennis program, After school activities, group of 6, intro tennis program, group of 4, and tennis camps.

Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club

Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club has it all. Whether you are looking for a swimming pool, cricket pitches, tennis and squash courts, cardio and weight gyms, fitness classes, kids' play area, and dining prepared by professional chefs.

Talking about the best tennis academy for juniors, the coaches are there to offer your kids comprehensive training about the most fundamental elements into the advanced ones so that your kids can make their stance in tennis more profound.

Simbr Sports

Kids are the future and it's our responsibility to provide them with all the opportunities to explore themselves in the most meaningful way.

Simbr Sports is a powerhouse when it comes to a junior tennis academy. Whether your kids are looking for some leisure time playing tennis or want to really improve their game, they can all find that in Simbr Sports.

ProStyle Tennis Academy

Tennis as a sport can be enjoyed among friends or in a group, or you can take it as a challenge to further improve your basics.

ProStyle Tennis Academy understands that for any type of training, you need the proper facility. That can be arranged by them along with professional coaches to help you in every way possible.

FuturePro Tennis Academy

As the name suggests, the FuturePro Tennis Academy focuses on the kid's education in its entirety.

They have programs that are specialized for kids' education and training, including programs for kids aged 5-8, 8-10, 10-14, junior elite, and school programs.

Play to Fit Sports

If you are looking for the best tennis academy for juniors, what you need is an all-in-one center where you have an ITF standard court, professional coaches, tournaments, and recreation facilities.

All of these are available at Play to Fit Sports center. You can ensure that your kids get all the basics about tennis along with their proper training.