Benefits of the use of technology in Tennis sports
How technology is improving academy tennis in Dubai?
There is a lot of technology used within academy tennis which is also used in actual high-class matches all over the world. Let's learn how advances in technology can change the class of the matches.
There's no better time to integrate technology into every part of life. Whether it's academy tennis or playing competitive matches in a world championship, you would surely see the integration of technology being implemented in every walks of life.

In this article, we will go through the various aspect of academy tennis and how they are using technology to overcome the flaws which persist during older times.

Hawk eye technology

One of the main technology adopted in actual tennis matches is hawk eye technology. The ball tracking software is also being used in various other sports such as cricket to project the direction of ball movement.

With the help of a camera and sensors, the hawkeye technology works like a life-saving tech within various academy tennis. 

Now people fully rely on this technology for their error-free play and ensure that this tech remains an integral part of tennis sports.

Rackets metal framing

The technology used within the tennis court is not confined to the area alone but also the material used as the framing for your racket is continuously being upgraded.

Racket's metal framing has become stronger and lighter including the aerodynamics of the material to move with amazing speed.

This technology is used extensively within academy tennis so that players don't get left behind at any step of the way.

Improvements in tennis courts

Let's learn about various types of technology used within courts even inside academy tennis because of the need in today's fast-paced sports.

We have created a simple list that includes technologies that ensure players show their true potential inside and out of the tennis courts.

Cyclops machine

The machine tracks the ball and determines whether the serves were in or out. It was introduced in 1980 and has been used extensively in today's tennis matches.

This is one form of technology that helps improves the speed of tennis as well as makes more competitive matches in the mix.

Since the cyclops machines have been implemented, the use of the manual eye to trackball during serve is rarely used.


SlamTracker is known as PointStream technology introduced by IBM which helps create a dashboard to provide an online portal of every match played along with living statistics from ball to ball.

Around the world where ever a tournament is being held, it will be tracked and recorded within this system.

Thanks to the centralized system provided by PointStream, everyone who's looking for complete information about the tennis world can get it without any trouble.


There might be times when people simply want to look out the live scores without going into much detail.

IBM has introduced another feature through their online information gathering system, called Momentum.

Through this technology, users can get all the live scores and analytics within a few clicks of the button, which is also extended to academy tennis.

Enhanced AI

With the introduction of Enhanced AI, users can have a blast of experience while they could simply enjoy the next-level tennis game.

AI can provide automated video highlights depending on the facial expressions of the players and how intense the game is being played.

Another type of Enhanced AI technology also improves the sound quality of the live tennis matches which ultimately improves the overall experience of the matches tenfold.

3D Technology

If there's one technology that improves the game level that was not possible before this technology was included. 3D technology aims in improving the player's game and to showcase detail about the methods adopted to play more challenging matches.

Coaches can take the information from such technology and ensure that players improve their elements through the help of technology.

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