Best tennis academies in UAE
14 best tennis academies in the United Arab Emirates
Finding Best Tennis Academies is surely important to find especially if you are living in UAE and Dubai. This article will provide top 20 best tennis academies for your reference.
People searching for Best Tennis Academies in the United Arab Emirates came to the right place. This article will provide a comprehensive compilation of all major tennis academies in the United Arab Emirates.

Let's check them out and see what these academies offer and understand about facilities included.

Pro Tennis Academy

Pro Tennis Academy is a robust tennis sports recreation center for all age groups that includes world-class coaches and facilities that ensure that you get the most comprehensive training.

They offer Programs that includes kids program, holiday tennis camps, kick start tennis program, adults programs, private lessons, kids tournaments, and adult tournaments. They also provide court rentals for friendly matches or training among your friends.

Dubai Tennis Academy

Finding one of the Best Tennis Academies in UAE must lead you to Dubai Tennis Academy. You can also find every facility related to tennis sports within their academy.

They also have profound programs aimed to deliver preferred training as per your requirements, such as private lessons, semi-private lessons, adult clinics, ladies' clinics, and young group lessons with separate classes for various age groups.

CF Tennis Academy

There are some of the Best Tennis Academies which are mostly focused on particular training goals. One of such is the CF tennis academy, which is a powerhouse in any program you aim to be looking for regarding tennis.

Whether you want a flavor of tennis or to become the next professional in this sport, CF tennis academy got your back.

Al Habtoor Tennis Academy

With state-of-the-art training facilities, ATF-certified coaches, and opportunities of getting indulged in competitions, a player becomes not just a top tennis player when they stick with basics but eventually exceed their own expectations.

Al Habtoor Tennis Academy offers various programs for players looking to boost their tennis skills and prowess, including adult programs, training, and junior high performance.

CAP Sports Academy

People which are looking for an all-in-one facility for their kids to learn tennis sports in Dubai should take a look at CAP Sports Academy.

Enrolling in CAP sports academy offers various benefits including learning with ITF level players, training from a basic level, traveling with other students in various tennis centers around UAE, and training for advanced players.

Rackets Academy Tennis

As the name suggests Rackets Academy Tennis is considered one of the Best Tennis Academies in UAE for every age group.

For the junior group, you can get programs such as fundamentals on tennis, a program for teens, private, semi-private, and performance programs.

Adult groups can enroll in group sessions, ladies' coffee morning, cardio tennis, private, semi-private, and adult social night sessions.

iQ Tennis Academy

The academy which focuses on basic to pro is truly considered one of the Best Tennis Academies.

iQ Tennis Academy has all the programs you need to improve your tennis sports, which include private lessons, group lessons, young group lessons, semi-private, adult sessions, and a pro program.

FuturePro Tennis Academy

Most tennis academies are aimed to provide fundamental skillsets to kids and young age groups. Although adult people can also enjoy the cardio activities which is more focused on socializing among other adult age group.

If you are looking for a young intrinsic academy, FuturePro Tennis Academy is the right option for you in UAE. With programs including junior programs with various age groups and school programs, you can have your kids equipped with physical activity with amazing social benefits included.

Silicon Oasis Tennis

People are looking to have a fun time when looking to enroll in a tennis academy. One that ensures that you will find an exciting time playing sports with each other is Silicon Oasis Tennis.

This one of the Best Tennis Academies has programs for all ages and coaches that are suited to your personal needs. With exercises that make your health in tip-top shape, you will definitely get the most out of the activities offered by them.

Super Sports Tennis Academy

Super Sports Tennis Academy is a household name in recreational activities in UAE. Out of all the sports, they also provide a tennis program for interested people.

Some of the programs provided by them include junior program, beginner tennis program, intermediate tennis coaching, and advanced tennis coaching.

TPS Tennis Academy

If you are looking for an academy that focuses on individual performance belonging to any age group, that starts from 3 to 50+, TPS Tennis Academy is surely one to check.

With the help of top coaches, you will get all the fundamentals of tennis including fitness in both mental and physical departments.

Tennis 360 Meyden

Whether you are looking for a beginner, intermediary, or advanced training program, Tennis 360 Meyden offers just want you need.

With various levels separating you to focus on your basics and ladder up towards more advanced training for tennis sports, you can play it on both solid courts to the sandy beach to enjoy the sports in its true form.

Prostyle Tennis Academy

Do you consider tennis as a recreational sport or want to go with a professional status? Prostyle Tennis Academy is regarded as one of the Best Tennis Academies.

Practice tennis and show off your skills among your peers and fellow students until you are up to real competition among various academies across UAE.

UAE Sports Academy

Through coaches and amazing court facilities, UAE Sports academy provides great service if you needed to get accustomed to these sports.

From one-to-one lessons to group lessons, the UAE sports academy is just the right place for you to get all the fundamentals skills needed to get a strong concept of the sports.