Best tennis academies in Dubai for adults
Top 10 best adult tennis academy in Dubai
Are you interested to learn about top 10 Best Adult Tennis Academy in Dubai. We have listed down all the best academies in our list.
Are you finding Best Adult Tennis Academy either for yourself or your friend? We have compiled the top 10 tennis academies in Dubai where you can enroll yourself to train and get indulge in some high-class tennis sports.

All of this tennis is top-notch so you can only expect top-class facilities, coaches, and tennis court to give you 100% in learning and improving in tennis sports.

Pro Tennis Academy

Pro Tennis Academy offers a variety of programs for people who are looking to increase their physical prowess in tennis sport.

As it's one of the Best Adult Tennis academies in Dubai, you can find different programs at reasonable rates. Some of the programs include Kids' programs, Holiday tennis camps, kids start tennis programs, adult programs, private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group sessions.

If you are looking to simply rent out a tennis court for a practice session or a friendly match, they provide court rentals as well. You can also enroll in some advanced training and tournaments for both adults and kids.

Dubai Tennis Academy

Dubai Tennis Academy is equipped with all the right facilities and some expert coaches which ensures that you get nothing shorter than an amazing tennis experience.

Discussing different programs that you can find in the Dubai Tennis program, they offer private lessons, junior groups, adult groups, and various events.

CAP Sports Academy

Another Best Adult Tennis Academy we have included in our list is CAP Sports Academy. The best highlight about CAP Sports academy is the programs which they offer for people.

Some of the programs that CAP offers include Ladies Morning sessions, corporate events, private tennis lessons, semi-private lessons, and group sessions.

Coaches will accompany you throughout the session so that you can fasten with all the required tips and further improve it over time through their watchful eyes.

FuturePro Tennis Academy

Tennis sports need a proper facility such as coaches, equipment, and a hard court. All of these and more can be found at FuturePro Tennis Academy.

Talking about various programs offered by them, you can find kids programs ranging from 5-8 years, 8-10 years, and 10-14 years.

As for adults programs, there are junior elite programs and adult social programs as well.

Al Habtoor Tennis Academy

People that opt for Best Adult Tennis Academy are looking for not just facilities and coaches but also an opportunity to showcase their skills and get highlighted as rising stars in the tennis world.

To gain all the necessary skillset in tennis sports, you need to look for the programs offered by Al Habtoor Tennis Academy. They provide various programs as per your requirements. Some of these include Adults programs, Training, and junior high performance.

Rackets Academy Tennis Coaching & Courts

Competition along with training usually is the major feature for one of the Best Adult Tennis Academy. Rackets Academy Tennis Coaching & Courts is one such academy.

If you are interested to enroll at this academy, you need to find programs that suit your needs most perfectly.

They provide two basic programs, for juniors and adults. Considering adults programs, you can find groups, ladies' coffee morning, cardio tennis, private, adult social night, and semi-private programs.

iQ Tennis Academy

With some world-class facilities and coaches that offer their services to you for tennis sports, iQ Tennis Academy seems to be the right option.

Programs that you might find interested for Best Adult Tennis Academy, include private lessons, group lessons, semi-private lessons, adult lessons, and pro programs.

You can also rent a tennis court for a friendly match or practice among your friends and colleagues.

CF Tennis Academy

It's most amazing to find the Best Adult Tennis Academy in Dubai that can help you improve your goal of becoming more physically active and gaining better fitness through social sports. CF Tennis academy can assist you in this regard.

There are various programs offered by them, such as private lessons, semi-private lessons, group lessons, junior club morning, advance tennis camp, and ladies league.

Champs Sports Academy

Champs Sports Academy provides a premium indoor tennis court that can improve your experience in playing some exciting fitness sports all remaining indoors.

Some of the programs that you can find through Champs Sports Academy include private lessons, semi-private lessons, group lessons, social mornings, mini tennis, and court rentals.

Ferrer Timotic Tennis Academy

Ferrer Timotic Tennis Academy is established by former professional layers from Serbia and Spain. It can enroll adults to kids of age that start from 5 years and upward.

Some of the programs that can be found at Ferrer Timotic Tennis Academy includes beginners, intermediate, and performance group to private and semi-private lessons. Travelling and tournaments are also arranged for students.