Average cost of tennis acadmies
What is the average cost of academy tennis in Dubai?
The most important thing in academy tennis before checking their reputation is finding its fee structure as well. This article will be used as guide for that sort.
Enrolling in academy tennis will cost you, but most people would like to find the average cost of taking classes in academy tennis in Dubai.

We have created this article that will explain various aspects of the cost involved within the academy tennis.

Although the rates might be changed, it will just provide our readers with an idea regarding the average cost.

Registration fees

In Dubai, enrolling in academy tennis might take registration fees, which you could find when enrolling your kids in school.

At most, the registration fees are quite minimum. There is some academy tennis which doesn't have any registration fees and only takes fees for classes.

Registration fees are usually nonrefundable, which is the only option for people to register their names and book their seats. That academy that has better reputations charges registration fees.

Private Lessons

The concept of private lessons is to assign a coach for a single person. You will get the undivided attention of the coach so that you can learn the most out of your time.

Although with private lessons, you will only get the basics and training necessary for tennis, although, to play tennis, you will learn that with other people, such as in group lessons.

The starting price of private lessons for academy tennis is around AED 300 for 45 minutes. If the minutes increase so does the cost of the private lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons

If you want to learn more minutes but with dedicated coaches, semi-private lessons are best suited for you.

Semi-Private lessons provide you with hitting sessions for 2 people for around 1 hour with a dedicated coach to supervise and train you.

The start cost for academy tennis when you opt for semi-private lessons is around AED 400, which could increase to AED 3600.

Junior Group Lessons

If you are enrolling for kids aged 7 to 16 years, you can opt for junior group lessons. These classes go for around 3 weeks with per week cost depending on your requirement.

Understanding what to learn from junior group lessons includes skill development in all facets of tennis as the sport includes stroking, footwork, and coordination.

The cost of academy tennis in Dubai for junior group lessons starts from AED 2175 per week, which leads to AED 3750 for twice a weeks.

Adult Group Lessons

Adult group lessons offer you training along with coaches that includes playing with opposition players within the same age bracket.

The adult group usually provide 60 minutes of session separately for women and men. For academy tennis in Dubai, the cost starts from AED 80 to AED 150.

If you want individual hitting sessions aimed to improve your strengths, the Adult group lessons can cost around AED 200 for academy tennis in Dubai.

Intro tennis program

There are kids which need introduction classes explaining about fundamentals of sports and engaging in a group activity, mostly aimed at the younger age group.

Such an intro tennis program helps to build on the foundation for physical strength required for playing tennis.

The cost of academy tennis in Dubai for the intro tennis program starts at AED 450 for a week, which goes to 4 weeks with the cost of AED 1100. In some academies tennis in Dubai is considered as most expensive since the early foundation is most important if your kid is going to become a professional tennis player.

Advanced lessons

There are times when playing with an amateur is not enough. It's then you will have a chance to play with more advanced players or coaches will assist you to play against on the court.

The advanced lessons are aimed at adults and cost per week basis. Most of the academy tennis in Dubai cost for advanced lessons starts from AED 650 per week.

During these lessons, you will hone your skills further and more focused on playing competitive sessions rather than learning about basics.

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